• Amazon Order Management

    One Hub to Connect All Sales

    Now, managing your marketplace orders is even easier with your account integration. Seller Mobile will continuously sync with Amazon to show you recent orders placed, customer information, order payment status and etc. You can enable notifications on your mobile app so that you are pinged every time there is a sale or an update in your seller account.

    Elements of the Orders Dashboard:

    • You will be able to view daily / monthly and annual sales vs. payments made / income
    • View revenue and number of orders by the hour
    • View number of AFN and MFN shipments and method of shipment
    • See a summary of orders by status (pending, shipped, unshipped, etc.)

    Other order management features include:

    • Ability to search within orders (search by buyer’s name, SKU, ship date, and more)

    • View lists for Top Selling ASINS and Top Lost Sales ASINS so you can efficiently plan your listings

    Seller Mobile can be another source for sales…

    Now you can manually add orders that were not placed on your Amazon seller account. These orders may come through direct sales, wholesale clients and/or tradeshows.

    Our order management tool can store all of your orders in one hub – providing a connection for inventory / stock levels, client information / repeat customers – no matter where the source of sale.

    What people say...

    Elliot Fuster

    Repricer feature saves infinite time
    Seller Mobile is the hub for my Amazon Marketplace. The repricer tool is amazing - I don't have to spend hours checking if a competitor has reduced pricing for one of my hundreds of products.

    Antonio Kevala

    FBA restock has never been easier
    I used to overstock Amazon for some items, while losing sales for other products, which spiked in demand and were not in my FBA inventory. Now, it is all automated and I could not be happier. More revenue!

    Rashad Rogers

    Support staff rocks
    I never expected for my API integration to run so smoothly! Thanks to Seller Mobile's support team, the process was seamless and I was able to manage my products immediately.
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